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Oxbow Farm

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Project Description

The original house on a Virginia farm is a simple two-story, five bay, rectangular block, one room structure constructed around 1830. After evolving with numerous additions it has more than tripled in size. Prior to this project the living room had been expanded thereby eliminating the original entry hall.

The challenge was to provide the house with a new entry and a dayroom/study on the second floor. The fact that the house has tripled in size over 150 years called for a gesture of a larger scale than the previous single story two-columned porch.

This project, a two-story pedimented porch of 360 square feet, reclaims the front facade and anchors the long axial approach drive; the house gains an appropriate presence in the surrounding terrain. Its vernacular classical style is in keeping with the simple character of the original farmhouse.

Warren County, Virginia

Landscape Architect
Ricketts Constructions

Charles Romph