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Myrtle Grove

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Project Description

This project consists of the addition of four new buildings and the restoration of existing buildings at a historic, agricultural estate on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The entire 160-acre property is under easement to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, which reviewed and approved the designs.

The intention was to accommodate contemporary needs while maintaining historic integrity and agricultural productivity. This property has continually evolved, rather than being preserved in a particular period, and kept pace with contemporary conveniences (integrated kitchen, plumbing, central heating, etc) and has remained a gracious dwelling and working farm. This project demonstrates a continuation of this process.

The historic buildings included the brick and frame manor house and three outbuildings. The Main House is an excellent example of the “telescoping” house type indigenous to the Eastern Shore. The earliest section dates from 1734 and the latest from 1927. Nearby were also a twentieth century tenant house and garage shed, both of which were razed with the consent of the Trust to be replaced with new buildings more sympathetic and appropriate to the Main House complex.

The new construction includes a Pool House and Garage completing the Main House complex, a Guest Cottage and Barn at the other end of the property, as well as extensive landscaping. These new outbuildings were designed in the Eastern Shore farm vernacular style. Much of the detailing (roof slope, eave and dormer details, window types, etc.) was derived from elements on the Main House. Traditional building techniques and materials were used as much as possible.

Talbot County, Maryland

Landscape Architect
Michael V. Bartlett

General Contractor
John S. Labat

Charles Rumph
David Wallare (Aerial photo)
Erik Kovalsik