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House in Wesley Heights

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Project Description

This project included several interrelated modifications and additions to an existing three-bedroom home in a residential neighborhood. During the renovation, the existing exterior painted shingles were replaced with natural pigmented stucco, and several new doors and openings were created.

Pergola elements were added on the street (north) façade, at the front door, and at the living room window; this was also an opportunity for the front walk to be realigned. A sitting room was added, which features a clerestory on the west side of the home overlooking the surrounding landscape. A deck and stair were constructed on the rear (south) facade to connect the new sitting room and deck to the garden below.

The various modifications were intended to improve the connection of the home to the front and rear garden, which are separated by the steeply sloping terrain. Several natural finish materials (natural pigmented stucco, mahogany exterior decking and oak plank flooring) were carefully selected and integrated with interior and exterior painted elements (pergola, windows, doors, trim and handrails).

Complementary materials unify the composition and connect the interior rooms (new and existing), furnishings and sculptural objects with the exterior building elements and the surrounding landscape with subtle colors of tree trunks and foliage.

Washington, DC.

General Contractor
David J. Brown

Landscape Contractor
Claire Segal of
LandArt Design Inc.

Charles Rumph