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Foxhall Village

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Project Description

This project consists of an addition to, and partial renovation of, an early 20th century row house in the Foxhall Village neighborhood of Washington, DC.

A three-story, steel frame bay window with roof deck and stair to grade replaced an earlier deck on the rear facade. The intention was to add a modest amount of space to the family room on the first floor and master bedroom above, and to open up the vista into the garden from the first floor. A small deck provides a place for outdoor cooking and dining, and leads to the garden below. Mirrored panels on either side of the interior of the bay mitigate the transition between interior and exterior.

The kitchen was completely renovated and integrated with the dining room, for the creation of one space the full width of the house; this decision maximizes use of the limited daylight available in the interior of the house. The deep reds of both the kitchen cabinets and dining room, and the green of the slate countertops, were inspired by the owner’s collection of Bhutanese paintings. Mirrored backsplashes in the kitchen reinforce the interplay between the two rooms

Washington, DC

Lighting Consultant
Scott Watson Associates

General Contractor
D&D Development

Gordon Beall