Poolhouse Complex
Pool pavillion
Interior: bathroom and changing room
stairs to poolside
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Project Description

The program includes the design of a two-story pool house pavilion complete with a bathroom, changing room and storage room for an existing pool; the pavilion preserves the openness and views of the property. The design solution is a scheme of two pavilions (one a changing room, the other a bathroom) joined by a central pergola. The storage room is on the ground level, while the pool house complex is on the pool/upper level.

The storage room was constructed of poured-in-place concrete walls with pre-cast concrete planks spanning the short distance and supporting the pavilions above. The planks are covered with a sheet membrane waterproofing with a bluestone terrace set in a bordered diagonal pattern to match the paving around the existing pool. The south wall of this area was designed with a steel beam spanning between the two door openings so that the combined opening could be converted to a garage door at a later date.

Custom-designed wrought-iron railings lead from the ground level to the pool level, while a basket weave fence and railing wraps around the perimeter of the pool house pavilion and pool.


Washington, DC

Landscape Architecture

DCA Landscape

Structural Engineer

SIE Associates

General Contractor

BOWA Builders, Inc.

Fence and Railing

Northwest Iron Works, Inc.



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