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Dayroom Killermont House Apartments Zartman Building Scheetz House
Day room for a Naturalist Killermont Dupont Renaissance Condominium Zartman House House in Newport, RI
Alumni House   Crocker House   Additions to Farmhouse   Olsson's bookstore   St. Mary's church
GU Alumni House House on N Street   Piedmont Farmhouse   Olsson's Books   St. Mary's Church
Schechter House   Conservatory/Green House addition   Sulgrave Club   Dunkerley Haigh House   Volta Bureau
House in Tudor Walk Pyramid Greenhouse   The Sulgrave Club   House in Wesley Heights   Volta Bureau
Brinkeley   Thermopylae   St. Mary's Church   Space X   Westmoor
Foxhall Village Westmoor   Dumbarton House   Space X   Poolhouse in Wesley Heights
  Crocker House   Schechter House     Crocker House
House in Madison County Mt. Zion   House in Spring Valley   Myrtle Grove   House in Potomac, MD
Oxbow   Thermopylae   House on R Street   Westmoor   Kass
The Metropolitan Club Visitor Center Proposal   Art Moderne House   House on the Eastern Shore   Watergate Apartment
Conservatory Addition   Leland House   Chapter's Bookstore   Sulgrave Club   Thermopylae
Sunny Conservatory House in Bethesda   House in Cathedral Heights   Ohrstrum House   Chapters Bookstore
Crocker House   Philips   Oxbow   Philips   House in Wesley Heights
Oxbow Farm Phillips Pool & Garden   Whitehaven   Carriage House in DC   House in Wesley Heights
House in Georgetown   House in Kenwood            
House in Georgetown House in Kenwood            
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